Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher - Gone for Holiday in Brazil

Ambatchmasterpublisher gone for holiday. In Brazil, many things to see,
In one country show had many moutain goats jumping off mountains when see him coming to shake hands.

He like arty farty history so he went to see temple of goats. The place he stayed at had become a place for strange, crazy behaviour of people competing with each other, wearing smelly (very smelly) underarm perfume in front of computers. Such a big floppy mistake.

A black cat suddenly fell down from grace in front of Ambatchmasterpublisher. Man fight cat over bones as "ambatchmasterpublisher of distinction" then he sat on potty for long time!

Moreover ambatchmasterpublisher holiday was good fun to torture many. He try for mistaken identity as James Bond. 007. For him, 000.

Afterwards he left the room when a visitor came into the lunchroom but left because smell bad smell. Very bad smell.

Bad body hygiene of ambatchmasterpublisher means nobody visit him. Luckily for him, one supermarket sells strong deodorant to take care of smelly feet problem. During presentation people laugh. Much laughter is provoked. Most jokes told retort, smoke, mirrors and the falling down of chairs when he enter room. Ambatchmasterpublisher comedy are popular.

In Brazil, funny jokes are common to show people how ridiculous who smell bad armpits. Make the audience angry. Cry! Poetry by ambatchmasterpublisher sell badly. He find strange words from lousy writers so no wonder poetry stinks. Suddenly, he change it, then OK. ambatchmasterpublisher success.

Poetry classmates laugh at his poems.

Black ambatchmasterpublisher is defined as dark ambatchmasterpublisher because light bulb blew out. So Ambatchmasterpublisher team try fix. No hurry, can wait. Have sex, eat rice, Ambatchmasterpublisher fart alot, go shopping, sleep some more. Make boring conventions interesting.

This man good in comedy. His mannerisms make people laugh. When escape class and uses nail polish to sanitise toilet after ambatchmasterpublisher use.

Romantic? Become silly when in love. Go gooy gagaa... Cry, laugh. For no reason. Crazy?

Ambatchmasterpublisher give up sex, do assignment, eat pizza macdonalds 24/7 no good man. Go to village, sing silly songs.

On holiday, he talk funny. Loud, bawdy songs or recitations of horrible poetry to impress girls.

Ass with hole in his pyjamas, states that he show off pathetic songs and wrong treatment of poetry. Turn off girls. Advised not to be silly. Calm down ambatchmasterpublisher. No idea why pass water many times at night.

Stressful ambatchmasterpublisher contest. Ambatchmasterpublisher Lose girl. Middle aged man kill time by farting at swimming pool.. Frighten young kids away. Sad story, bad ending. Some comedies make cry instead of laugh.

Forever, ambatchmasterpublisher love Adsense, make no-sense and confine to home. The phenomena connected with laughter and investigated by psychologists and agree should take holiday. Ambatchmasterpublisher shock during study course. Sing badly Killing me Soddly' make Man scream in pain. Long to see him stop singing. Silly ambatchmasterpublisher laugh. Yeah!