Friday, June 8, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher Hotel Hoppa-Boppa Bad Body Odour Funny

One day, Ambatchmasterpublisher stay at Hotel Hoppa-Boppa. Make bad memory! Oh dear.

Open fridge very bad smell ambatchmasterpublisher vomit and choke. Bad bad smell call reception. Ambatchmasterpublisher cry. Reception laugh at funny joke. He open toilet door, not fridge. Oops!

So he come for seminar. Strange city can get lost. History lesson by strange guide. Lose money, lose shoes. Goat spit on feet. Kick his ambatchmasterpublisher backside. Mathematics it has developed into crazy behaviour of people singing competing, all smell bad. No shower three days.

Ambatchmasterpublisher scared to stay. A brick fell from upstairs, hit on head. Ouch! Black cat walk past. Run away. Then he went to study in lounge, drink beer make silly pie faces at girls. His style of fashion make girl laugh hysterically. So sad, sit on potty and write poetry.

He call his mummy, Mummy, girl nolikeme. Sob! Torture me.

Mummy scold. “Don’t be silly!” regarding meaning of son's love/sex life.

Afterwards he watch girl leave the room with handsome friend came into the room. He cry loudly. People stare!

Ambatchmasterpublisher has strong Body odour means girls run away. Guy buy spray from supermarket but Big mistake. Fly spray, not deodorant. Smell worse! Give up!

During dinner talk, much laughter. Girl think must be silly, smoke cigar, fart 24/7. Disgusting man. Toyboy more exciting. Smoke come out of ears. Girl laugh more. Funny! Fall off chair.

Then he leave room.

Kids tease him until he give smack. Jokes are common so he hide his pain. Show people he is good guy. Make him happy. He went to see movies, forget pain hemorroids. stinks, bum itchy! Change idea then result in his pain.

He snores loudly. Many young room-mate cry.

Black ambatchmasterpublisher is defined as dark ambatchmasterpublisher because put cloth over light bulb, then blew up by machine gun.

His team worry, how to fix. No hurry honey! Will sack mum, cook lice, mum-fart, go shopping buy souvenir.

Make mum sad. Some guy in comedic plays. Funny. Use man to sanitise toilet after ambatchmasterpublisher use. Dogmatic man become silly when sick cold.

Go strange eyes he cry and laugh at nighttime.
So he give up lotto, eat chinese, submarines 24/7 yes, good man. Go to yoga class and dance sing songs.

He drunk, talk funny. Loud, bawdy jokes or say badly horrible poetry to ummpress girls.

She say `Dear Asshole in pants, get lost!
Man sad. Advised him to go home. Try keep calm.

He go home. Pass water many times that night. Stress ambatchmasterpublisher no-can sleep.

He kill time by farting til morning.

Sad ending. Ambatchmasterpublisher comedies make one laugh.

Now make incense and confine to doghouse. They laugh at him and even dog on strike. Psychotics come to see. Agree ambatchmasterpublisher mad. Go holiday!

He agree during medical examination. Feeling ambatchmasterpublisher body very skinny eek! Man shy. Doctor smile at his body. Try not to laugh. Cough! Cough!

He meet cute girl on holiday. Seasick on Ocean Thirteen boat. In the end, reach shore, make woopey, Ambatchmasterpublisher happy now!